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Upcoming Storm Preparation


With the upcoming storm we are gearing up for a possible evacuation again.

The storm, named an "Atmospheric River", beginning tomorrow is predicted to be the same if not worse than the storm we saw in January.

In January's storm our adoption center was evacuated with the warning going to an order within 12hrs. We were able to successfully evacuate our bunnies within 3 hours time, and the flood waters (while high) did not come in danger to our adoption center. 

So this time around we are gearing up with more experience, and more preparation!

We have created an emergency foster application, which you are welcome to share with friends and family who you feel would be a good fit for our bunnies. This application goes over some of our requirements for safe temporary homes for our bunnies. 


For our emergency fosters, with evacuations, we do not know how long it may take to be able to move back into the adoption center. In January it was only 7 days, this storm it could be less or it could be more depending on what the storm brings. We will not evacuate until we receive an evacuation warning from the county to avoid the bunnies being moved, and stressed.


We appreciate all prayer, good thoughts, and good vibes for this

coming storm that all of our preparation is for not. 

What we may be asking for if we are required to evacuate:

  • Supplies: with multiple foster homes we do go through supplies more frequently this includes litter, kibble, and greens.

  • Kennels: We are always in need of Xpens and 42" double-door kennels for our bunnies. These we provide to our fosters for temporary housing.

  • Volunteers: When we get the evacuation warning, we evacuate all bunnies. This is all hands on deck as the more hands and cars we have on-site, the faster we are able to accomplish our tasks. 


3645 The Barnyard, D12

Carmel, CA 93923




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