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Foster Application

Due to bunnies' low tolerance for stress and change of environment, we only offer foster-to-adopt, and Long Term therapy fostering. 


The foster-to-adopt program is for families who are ready to adopt, but still have a bit of hesitation to finalize an adoption as they want to find the bunny that will fit in with their family. Many bunnies have different personalities or needs, and we hope to match that perfectly to a family's expectations prior to placement in a home.

Foster-to-Adopt is a minimum of 30 days to see how the bunny adjusts to the family and the dynamic. With bunnies needing at least two weeks to settle in, and get adjusted it is hard to gauge the bunny's fit in any less time.

Our long-term foster, Therapy Program, is a foster program that helps our bunnies do a few things.

Some of our bunnies come from extremely bad situations, and their trust in humans has been shattered. This foster program places the bunny into a home (some have never had a home), allowing them one-on-one therapy to help them regain that comfort with humans, and help them get ready for a lifetime of happiness with their future family. 

Some of our bunnies also need training or a setup that we are not able to provide at the rescue. Some may be cage aggressive and need a free-roam setup. Some are scent aggressive and do not like the smell of other bunnies as it triggers their territorial nature. However, once in a home as an only bunny or in a new setup, they are not triggered and are able to adapt to a routine and blossom into the bunny they were born to be.

Long Term Fostering
Therapy Program

Emergency Evacuations

There have been two times in 2023 due to extreme storms that our adoption center has been under an evacuation order by Monterey County. In these evacuations, we need foster homes to place our bunnies until we receive the all-clear from the county. These could be as few as 7 days but could be more depending on the storms. 

We still maintain our standards for fosters even in emergency situations, as our bunnies' safety is our number one priority.

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