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Bunny Basics

Unlimited Hay

80% of your rabbit's diet should be Timothy Hay or Orchard Grass

Provide a large litter box full of hay this make sure they eat enough hay and go pee and poo In the right place.

Rabbits need FIBER to keep their digestive systems moving.

Alfalfa ONLY for bunnies younger than 5 months.

Pellets & Treats

Pellets should be a SMALL part of the rabbits diet (about 1/4 cup per day)

Pellets should NOT Include nuts, corn, seeds or brightly colored pieces.

Too much sugar harms digestion.

Treats can be small pieces of fruit (one berry or one baby carrot)

Hay-Based treats are a healthier option.

Fresh Water

Water Should be refreshed every day.

Rabbits prefer to drink out of bowls.

Water bottles can easily get stuck/blocked.

Fresh Greens

About 1 cup of greens (or depending on the rabbit size) should be given every day.

Make sure the greens are not rotten. (if you wouldn't eat It, dont give It to your bunny). Favorite Rabbit Greens:

  • Romaine

  • Cilantro

  • Spring Mix

  • Parsley

  • Kale (Not too Much)

  • Escarole

  • Greenleaf

  • Do not give Iceberg Lettuce (no Nutricional value)

Housing & Exercise

Rabbits should NOT be kept In small cages.

Indoor rabbits live longer and are happier.

Your rabbit should be In an enclosure or a room with plenty of space to hop at least 4 times.

Make sure to rabbit-proof your house.

No wire or Plastic bottoms to the cages/enclosures.

Put cords out of reach or cover with plastic/metal coverings.

No Pine Bedding (Allergies)

Provide water In a heavy crock in their enclosure or area to avoid spilling.

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