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Bunny Diet


This one was a tough one for me. I always wanted to get my rabbit the fun “fiesta” food since it sounded yummy for my rabbit. This food is fun, but after educating myself, I started to compare it to Lucky Charms. Everyone loves Lucky Charms, but imagine what it would do to your body if that were all you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is high in sugars and empty calories. Rabbits can develop diabetes, so you want to make sure they don’t consume too much sugar.

You want to get your rabbits an all hay pellet. It might sound boring, but they gobble it up. If your rabbit is under 6 months they will need an alfalfa-based pellet. If they are older than 6 months do not get them alfalfa, it is too high in certain ingredients for them.


For my rabbits, I do a mixture of Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass. Rabbits need their diet to consist of at least 80% hay.You want to leave at least your bunnies size pile of hay out for them every day.


My buns are mainly kale and romaine lettuce as a base, and then I mix up dark greens. So one day I will give them Italian parsley, cilantro, spinach, or carrot tops. I make sure not to give the extras too much as spinach is high in calcium and other vitamins that can cause the buns to get sick. I also do not buy the prepackaged spring mix or precut items as I have seen my buns get the runs from those.

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