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Bunny Myth #3 | Bunnies are a Great Present for Someone

Bunnies, or really any animal, are not the best present to give someone who is not ready or committed to the rabbit. Rabbits take delicate care and are a 10-13 year commitment. Rabbits' health can deteriorate extremely quickly if not cared for properly. Rabbits are also social animals who love to be around their humans (some more than others). Being left in a cage, or by themselves for too long can cause them to go into depression. Rabbits are also extremely fragile and should not be given to a child for a present If they are not extremely gentle or aware of the bunny signals. Their bones are extremely delicate and break very easily.

Bunny surrendering

Some of the main reasons we receive rabbits in our care are due to someone receiving or buying the rabbit for someone else and not realizing the care the bunnies require. Another is the child not taking care of the bunny and now they are unable to care for it themselves.

This is not fair to the rabbit as changes to their environment is extremely stressful for them, and can lead to some new undesirable behavioral habits.

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