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How and Why we Began

The availability of resources and rescues for domestic bunnies is limited.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist domestic rabbits in need through sheltering, adoption, education, spay/neuter services, and community outreach.


Our Story

Our experience in animal rescue made us aware of the numerous problems that exist in the world of domestic rabbit rescue. Due to overpopulation, rabbits being abandoned or discarded, insufficient knowledge of rabbit care, and limited rescues with expertise in their care, rehabilitation, and adoption, we decided to take action.

Within the first month of operation, we received more than 30 requests for surrender, including rabbits found wandering the streets or abandoned by their previous owners. By the end of the first year, we had rescued over 120 rabbits and facilitated more than 100 adoptions. However, we still have a lengthy waitlist for intake, and numerous rabbits in shelters are waiting to be rescued.

We limit ourselves to a maximum of 25 adoptable rabbits, distributed between foster homes and our adoption center. This enables us to maintain a small-scale rescue operation and get to know each rabbit personally, ensuring that they receive the special care and attention they need before being placed in their forever homes. Many of our rabbits require some time after being rescued to adjust to a proper diet, reestablish trust in humans, and socialize. We strive to provide them with a slow transition to their new lives.

As we take pride in our achievements, we also appreciate the wonderful support of our kind and supportive community in this journey. Our rescue primarily deals with rescuing unwanted, mistreated, and abused domestic rabbits and giving them a better life. We are a 501c Rescue that runs solely on donations. Therefore, we depend on community help and fundraising to meet our budgetary goals.

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