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Volunteer Opportunities!

 Volunteer Opportunities

Attention all Youth in Monterey County! We have an exciting new opportunity available for you.

We have received numerous requests for volunteer work at our Carmel Adoption Center and are thrilled to announce two fun opportunities to join The Bunny Trail Rabbit Rescue.

The first opportunity is our daily cleaning of our kennels. This is open to youth aged 12 and above (if younger parent/guardian must also volunteer). To get started, you can fill out our standard volunteer application on our website and be added to our Volunteer List.

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Use Password: BUNNYTRAIL

Welcome to the Bunny Trail Rabbit Rescue Youth Board!

Our second opportunity is open to ages 8 and above. Depending on the interests of each age group, we may form two groups. 

Our Youth Board will have the privilege of running their own nonprofit board. They will vote on positions, conduct meetings independently, and maintain meeting notes. They will also propose ideas for the rescue and present them to our board of directors for approval. Additionally, they will create and organize fundraising events, track progress, and develop promotions and outreach activities in line with our mission statement of education and outreach. Moreover, they will be responsible for creating social media and marketing content for our platforms. 

This program is an excellent opportunity for students to gain volunteer hours and enrich their resumes. Parent participation is required to assist students in running meetings and to host the monthly youth board meetings. Join us and let's make a positive impact on the world!


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