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Products We Carry

We carry our favorite bunny products at our adoption center to support our bunny parents. Proceeds from our retail help fund our bunny mission.

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Sherwood Pet Health Kibble

  • Timothy hay pellet for adult rabbits.

  • Balanced nutrition supports health.

  • Free of grain, soy and molasses for digestive health.

  • Supports health and may result in better poop and urine, less odor and softer fur.

  • Promotes a healthy weight and more energy.

With Sherwood Pet Health Timothy Pellet Adult Rabbit Food, you’ll be feeding your furry friend balanced nutrition to support a healthy, hoppy life. These pellets are free of all of the bad stuff, like grain, soy and molasses. They’re timothy hay based and are formulated to give your bun bun the best nutrition. These pellets support improved health, so you may see better poop and urine, less odor and softer fur. Your bun may also maintain a healthier weight and have more energy, which means more bunny binkies and silly moments.

4.5lb Bag: $25  |  10lb Bag $45

Sherwood Pet Health
Recovery Packs

These packs are necessary to have on hand for any bunny owner. These have the critical care as well as appetite restorers. These are crucial for any time your bunny has stopped eating, sick, or has dental issues.  

  • 15 packets of timothy hay based recovery food (10 grams each). Grain free and soy free. Contains motility herbs from our digestive tablet

  • Each packet of recovery food also provides B-vitamins and motility herbs from our digestive tablet

  • Rabbits love the flavor of this recovery food. Individual packets keep the product fresh too

  • 3 packets of Appetite Restore (10 g each). Use to stimulate your pets appetite. Contains B-vitamins and electrolytes

  • A measuring scoop is provided for the appetite restore. Mix 1 scoop with 1 cc (ml) of water. See feeding instructions.

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Timothy Cubes

A great healthy enrichment treat for your bunnies!


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Misc Toys and Enrichment

We will be carrying a variety of toys and enrichment items to spoil your bunnies!

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Bunny Bed.webp
Forage Mat.webp
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Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning with vinegar is the easiest, safest and most effective way to clean bunny urine! So finding a company who makes amazing smelling Vinegar cleaners that are "Leaping Bunny Certified", it is a win win!

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