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Food & Water Bowls

Food Dishes

It can be fun to find your rabbit’s bowls. I go with the dog bowls that have no lips and are heavy. For some reason all of the bunnies I have had LOVE to flip and throw their bowls, water or food it goes everywhere. Pyrex bowls actually were the only ones I found that were too heavy for them to lift, but I have found some ceramic ones at Petsmart that are also perfect.

Water Bowls

My rabbits drink a lot of water, I was never able to keep their bowls full. That and they would always tip over their bowls while I was at work, so they would go the day without water. I ended up getting the dog auto water bowls that had a gallon or more water containers. This one, would be heavy enough that they couldn’t knock it over, and two was enough water to last them at least 2-3 days.

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